Fostering the Mission Since 2017

Global Transplant Solutions, Inc. was established in 2017 in Spartanburg, SC as a provider of preservation solutions used in the human organ procurement and transplant market. The company’s vision of “Fostering the Mission” of organ donation is ingrained throughout everything we do and starts with each employee being a registered organ donor.

As a start-up company, the owners, John Bruens and Tim Bruce, understood the importance of partnerships for a successful business and quickly aligned themselves with organizations such as SC Launch and Spartanburg Community College’s Spark Center. The support of these, and other organizations, has been a major contributing factor in propelling the company to success. 

As a manufacturer and distributor, GTS provides the highest quality products available and continually pursues methods of improving the current products. Our products are FDA cleared and go through a rigorous quality control and quality assurance process to ensure that each unit meets the standards required by organ procurement and transplant professionals. The life-saving gift of a donated organ deserves nothing less!

The impact that Global Transplant Solutions, Inc. has made in the organ procurement and transplant market worldwide is measured by the many families who have had a life saved…that is why we will never cease “Fostering the Mission”.

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