Servator P™

Lung Perfusion & Preservation

  • Identical to the most widely used Lung Perfusion solution available
  • Available in 1000-ml and 3000-ml bags, with an accompanying vial of THAM
  • FDA cleared in 2021
  • Preserves lungs for transplant for up to 12 hours, depending upon the status of lung at the time of procurement
  • Helps protect microvasculature against post-ischemic reperfusion injury1
  • Every unit of Servator P® includes a vial of THAM/TRIS (trometamol or tromethamine) for pH adjustment to 7.4 just prior to use
  • 24-Month Shelf Life
  • Manufactured at our GMP/ISO/Health Canada Certified sterile manufacturing facility
  • FREE direct delivery where applicable, FREE two-day shipping, with Next Day also available if necessary.

Global Transplant Solutions, Inc., is proud to supply Servator P (Lung Perfusion and Preservation Solution) to the North American Organ Procurement and Transplant Community.

Servator P® Lung Perfusion and Preservation Solution is identical to the most widely used lung perfusion solution available. Servator P® is a lightly buffered “extracellular”, (low [K+]) colloid-based electrolyte preservation solution for rapid cooling, perfusion, and storage of donated lungs procured for transplantation.

SERVATOR P® is produced at our modern, automated cGMP and ISO certified sterile manufacturing plant to ensure every product meets the highest quality standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration, European Union Health Ministry and Health Canada Interim Policy Directive for Organ Perfusion Solutions. The modern production processes and highest-grade ingredients used in manufacturing Servator P® provide extended shelf life, and the most batch-to-batch product consistency.

Servator P® Availability

  • 5-packs of 1000 ml bags and 5 vials of THAM (1 vial per bag)
  • 2-packs of 3000 ml bags and 2 vials of THAM (1 vial per bag)

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