Servator H™

Histidine - Tryptophan - Ketoglutarate (HTK)

  • Sterile, pyrogen-free aqueous solution for the flushing, and preservation of organs for transplant
  • Superior quality manufacturing with an extended 18 months shelf life
  • PVC free bag
  • Available in cases of 10 x 1-liter bags, 5 x 2-liter bags or 2 x 5-liter bags
  • Dedicated US and Canadian Distribution Centers

Global Transplant Solutions is proud to offer SERVATOR H (HTK) to the organ preservation and transplant community.

SERVATOR H is an identical formulation to the original Histidine Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate preservation solution. SERVATOR H is a less viscous, clear-to-slightly yellow solution proven effective in the flushing, perfusion, shipping, and storage of kidneys, livers, pancreas, and hearts for transplant.

SERVATOR H is manufactured to the highest quality standards possible by SALF Laboratorio Farmacologico at our modern, automated cGMP and ISO certified sterile manufacturing facility near Bergamo, Italy. SERVATOR H meets all the QUALITY STANDARDS set by the US FDA, European Union Health Ministry and Health Canada.

Servator H (HTK) Availability

  • 10-packs of 1000 ml bags
  • 5-packs of 2000 ml bags
  • 2-packs of 5000 ml bags

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