Servator M™

UW Machine Perfusion Solution

  • Identical formulation to the previously Health Canada cleared University of Wisconsin Machine Perfusion solution 
  • Servator M is Health Canada cleared with the intended use for the in-vitro flushing and continuous hypothermic machine perfusion and preservation of explanted kidneys. 
  • Servator M has a calculated potassium concentration of 25 mEq/L, a sodium concentration of 100 mEq/L, an osmolality of 300 mosmol/kg, and a pH of approximately 7.4 at 20° C. 
  • Servator M can be stored at room temperature (2° – 25° C (36° – 77° F). For the actual machine perfusion of Servator M, a range of 4° – 8° C is acceptable. 
  • 24-month shelf life 
  • Produced at our GMP/ISO/Health Canada certified sterile manufacturing facility

Global Transplant Solutions, Inc., is proud to supply Servator M (Kidney Machine Perfusion Solution) to the American Organ Procurement and Transplant Community.

Servator M® UW Machine Perfusion Solution is an identical formulation to the original machine perfusion solution developed by Folkert Belzer at the University of Wisconsin, and sold worldwide. Servator M® UW Machine Perfusion Solution has been shown to be a safe and effective flush and perfusion solution for use in in-vitro kidney machine perfusion.

SERVATOR M® UW Machine Perfusion Solution is produced at our modern, automated cGMP and ISO certified sterile manufacturing plant to ensure every product meets the highest quality standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration, European Union Health Ministry, and Health Canada Interim Policy Directive for Organ Perfusion solutions. The modern production processes and highest-grade ingredients used in manufacturing Servator M® provide extended shelf life, and the most batch-to-batch product consistency.

Servator M® Availability

  • 10-packs of 1000 ml bags

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