Global Transplant Solutions is dedicated to providing preservation solutions for human organ procurement and the transplant market.

A lot goes into making sure GTS products are of the utmost quality. Our products are FDA-cleared and undergo an intensive inspection process to ensure quality and control. We guarantee our products will make it to those that need them in the condition they are expected – an integral fundamental to “Fostering the Mission” of organ donation. Learn more about what goes into organ donation and how GTS can deliver a product that meets your expectations and professional standards.

Outer Box Assembly

When assembling our thermal protective shipping container, we are helping to ensure the product makes it to the customer in the condition that is expected. By working with another company out of Anderson, South Carolina, TForm, Inc., we were able to develop packaging materials that not only cushion the product, but also maintain a controlled temperature. Learn how we create a “pocket of protection” for our products to ensure they make it safely to those that need them.

Packing Quality Assurance

While in a temperature-controlled room, each of our products is inspected to ensure the product is received by the customer in the condition expected. Walk through the process of inspection to learn more about the high standards and specifications of shipping our products.

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