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When much of the world shut down in early 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19, Global Transplant Solutions, Inc. was determined to do everything possible to ensure that the company’s goal of “Fostering the Mission” of organ donation would continue with the distribution of organ transplant solutions to all of its customers.  In order to make sure that the product would continue to be delivered on time, with as little cross contamination as possible, and to ensure the safety of its OPO and transplant partners, GTS established a self-contained, hand-delivery system by hiring full-time drivers, dedicated to the mission of organ donation, and purchasing vehicles to be used in transporting the preservation solutions directly to their customers.

One of the goals of the company has always been to provide the absolute best customer service possible.  By initiating the hand-delivery system, GTS is able to notify its customers of exactly when they can expect delivery of the products that they ordered, usually within two to three days.

Great care is taken with the packing and delivery of the cases of products which provides less possibility of damaged bags and that the proper temperature of the product is maintained throughout the entire delivery trip.

Delivery by the GTS Logistics Team, in a vehicle completely wrapped with the GTS logo, guarantees service with a smile dressed in GTS logo apparel.  The team of drivers is very familiar with their customers and are on a first-name basis with the receiving teams. 

The entire GTS team continually seeks ways to improve its services.  There is no better way to serve its customers, and by continually fostering the mission of organ donation than by direct delivery of GTS’ organ preservation solutions.