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January 17th, 2024

Global Transplant Solutions gets RETRO with Our Newest Shirts!

Every day you will catch at least one of our employees sporting our eye-catching GTS shirts! Have you seen us in them? We are not required to wear them, but we love to have the option to show our pride for working at Global Transplant Solutions. Have you ever heard of the expression “If I had a penny for every time?” We wish this was true for every time we get asked about organ donation and the company. The shirt certainly brings up conversations no matter where we go!

Sometimes we hear touching stories of just how organ donation has affected people’s lives and we are humbled. Everyone’s story is so different and hearing its impact on their lives, we are grateful they chose to share with us.

On other occasions, we get asked “What do you guys do exactly?” We love to answer this question! I will add though, that it is a loaded question and should be followed with, “Well about how much time do you have?” The passion for what we do shines in every employee here at GTS and those who wear our shirts. There really is no short way to answer this. We are going to tell you the basics like: we deliver organ preservation solutions to get an organ ready for transplantation and it’s also used to transport organs. We can usually keep that part of the answer short and sweet, but next, you will hear how organ donation has touched our lives and why we do what we do! Now you are probably hoping after this we are going to be quiet and let you go on your way, but we are truly hoping to hear how organ donation might have touched your life. As all of the kids say these days “Give us all of the deets,” because nothing gives us more joy than to hear others’ stories of organ transplantation and how it has touched them.

As you can see our shirts are pretty important to us! We love wearing them so much that we have moved on from our basic colors to our newest collection of tie-dyes.  The newest shirts feature not only the Donate Life logo but also a QR code on the back which allows someone to quickly scan and access “Register to Become a Donor.”