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February 5th, 2024

It’s Why We Do What We Do! Have You Seen Us?

It’s not every day you receive a phone call with a person asking “What do you do?” Last week we received just this type of call and, as always, we were honored to answer and hear the caller’s story.

Every week the GTS logistics team is out on the road, leaving our three distribution locations to travel all over the US to provide our customers with direct deliveries of our SERVATOR products. We have a total of 7 fleet vehicles and if we drive by you, you would know! Our GTS vehicles stand out with our bright green and blue logos.  

Last Thursday, we received a call from a gentleman in Ohio asking promptly as I answered the phone, “What do you guys do?” After explaining what we do, the caller mentioned that he was driving in Dayton, Ohio, and saw our vehicle out on the road and was curious. He said he’s seen us a few times, and never called in but today he felt the need to call in and ask. He explained that he felt the need to call in because he is a liver transplant recipient. He received his liver back on August 6th, 2015, from an 18-year-old, and like many transplant recipients that we have heard from, he had mixed emotions. He was grateful to be receiving the life-saving gift but questioned why he deserved it while the donor made the ultimate sacrifice. 

After talking for a little bit, I asked him if he is involved in any of the different organ procurement organizations’ yearly get-togethers to raise awareness about organ donation or to simply connect as transplant recipients. He said he was not, but that he thought that was a great idea and is going to look into it and thanked me for listening to his story, to which I said thank you for telling me!

At Global Transplant Solutions, we love these calls and conversations. It’s the reason we do what we do! As we attend walks, golf outings, and other special events, our team looks forward to meeting transplant recipients and donor families to hear their stories. These stories reinforce our dedication to “Fostering the Mission.”